Bone fruits seasons

Jeanih already prepares the campaign of fruits of bone in the area of Murcia, keeping in touch with its suppliers as soon as they begin to market the first apricots, peaches or nectarines, our brokers can meet the business needs of its customers across Europe.

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Appointment with Berlin

At beginning of February we were once again in Berlin, at the Fruit Logística fair, unique in the field of marketing. There our brokers with our clients visited suppliers for further strengthening trade relations that unite them and schedule future campaigns. All spent a while nice and eager to return another year to this magnificent […]

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Jeanih returns to Fruit Logistica Berlin

Jeanih returns to its inescapable appointment with Fruit Logistica in Berlin, the most important worldwide dedicated to horticulture and related trade forced between the professionals of the sector. From 4 to 6 February our brokers will attend this fair to visit customers and suppliers and keep informed of developments in the sector of the market.

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